Just launched: Company calendar

Fred Oliveira on June 9, 2011, Comments (12)

In the last 2 days we launched 2 new features (the new project status widgets and the generic post-commit hooks for developers), so we thought we’d go for 3 features, 3 days in a row. This one’s something we wanted and you wanted too. A company-wide calendar, listing calendar events, tasks and milestones happening in all the projects you care about in your company. The new calendar is stepping into the shoes of the very old (and quite outdated) company agenda, which basically listed the same thing, but in a way that was not as friendly.

This feature is now active on all user accounts, and can be accessed straight from the dashboard by clicking “Company calendar” in the sidebar (the old “Company agenda” link is now gone). Keep in mind you can’t add events through this calendar interface yet as it is read-only, but it’s in our plans for the future.

Hope you like all the new features and updates we’re rolling out. As always, your feedback is quite welcome. Reach us in the comments here or by email at support@goplanapp.com. Thank you!


This feature is amazing! It’s perfect!
A long time we wait for this functionality on the projects. We did using the iCal to globalize the projects-calendar in one only calendar.
But, now we have the this new feature. It’s perfect.
Thanks a lot.


great feature. Very happy you brought this in and it well be even better when you can post directly onto it. I do wish I could have some form of Gantt chart access as well. Only really for printing out and discussing with a client. I know its not part of the goplan ethos and day to day we wouldnt use it either but there are times it is useful.


Lovely feature but unfortunately is a little bit buggy. I have set up 2 projects with various events and tasks on the calendars some of which overlap. When I view the Company Calendar quite a few of these don’t show up. If I then move events around so they don’t overlap then all of them show up. Tried emailing support but no reply yet. Any way to get in touch with the developers?

We are evaluating GoPlan for our company. Is it possible to restrict what items show up on the company calendar so as to not over crowd it? If we have lots of projects, we would not want every little task showing up on the company wide calendar. Only milestones and certain events. Any thoughts?

So, when we’ll have new features in goplan?
Still we’ll wait for a long time? hahaha

i’m kidding.. but exist forecast for new features?


Is this project still alive?

I have some ideas and requests, im paying.

Keep the good work!


Ricardo: of course! Email us at support at goplanapp.com. We’ll be happy to hear your suggestions. Thanks!

Hi there.

the same question as before. Are you still developing this nice little goplanapp further on?

I sent you some suggestions via your support.

Is there something new coming up in the next time? I am using the thing, but would be great to make it even better.


Hey Perry,

Indeed, we’re all still here. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the product, and we do tweaks and improvements all the time ;-)


Hi Fred,

thats great to hear.

For me it would be superb to have an overview over all the tasks of the workers, so I can see them e.g. altogether or filtered by name.

Is there any iPhone-App in you plans?

Thank you,


Hi there,

again my serious meant question & suggestion:

For me it would be superb to have an overview over all the tasks of the workers, so I can see them e.g. altogether or filtered by name. Is it possible to arrange this?

Is there any iPhone-App in your plans?

Thank you again, looking forward to an answer..


It would appear that GoPlan is no longer being developed, as no updates have been posted in a while, which is sad because this application had so much going for it and was really the cornerstone of my business’ day to day project management workflow and communication system, both internally and externally (clients).

The user interface/experience is fantastic, and the current features covered much of the bases (although there are clearly many things that could be added/improved).

If indeed GoPlan is dead, hopefully someone will purchase it and continue to build upon this solid foundation.

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